A few words About Us

Incorporated in April 1981 as a Pvt. Ltd. Company in the name of Shri M.S. Jain Auto Pvt. Limited. There after Converted in to a Public Limited Company during the period of Feb. 1984 in the name of Shri M.S.Jain Auto Limited . The Company has changed its name during the period of Jan.1995 as DTL ANCILLARIES LIMITED and at present the name of the company is DTL INDIA HOLDINGS LIMITED . which activity is chronologically summarized as under

1981 -82 incorporated as Shri MS Jain Auto (P) Ltd.

1983 – 84 Converted to Public Ltd. Co. Listed in UPSE Kanpur as Shri Ms Jain Auto Ltd.

1987 – 88 Started Load Body factory as an Ancillary to DCM Toyota IN Surajpur with financial through its Division. participation of DCM Toyota Ltd in its Division named.” DTL Ancillaries per pro Shri MS Jain Auto Ltd.”

1995 – 96 Shri MS Jain Auto Ltd Later came to be known as DTL Ancillaries UP Ltd. Who Promoted DTL Ancillaries (Pune Work) Ltd. Jointly With Mr. Sidharth Jain as ancillary to TATA Motors in Pune.

2000 – Started development of Roll Forming Technology which lead to getting an LOI to DTL Ancillaries (Pune Work) Ltd from TML to make and use own CRF Panels for Load Bodies supplied by DTL A(PW) Ltd. To TML.

2001-2004 Captive use CRF Products at DTL A (P.W.) Ltd. for Load Bodies & started to work for ICF CRF development.

2004 – 2005 Items developed for ICF Chennai.

2004-2011 Set up 3 Mills in Roll metal N Sections a factory owned by the family members of promoters & started regularly supplying CRF Panels and another products developed for Railway Wagon application to DTLA(PW)LTd.

2011-2012 Roll Matel Sections made N slump sale of its business to DTL AL . DTLUP Ltd was renamed DTL I HL having about 42% shares in DTL AL . Leased out all industrial assets of DTL IHL to DLAL at an annual lease rent of Rs. 60 Lakh Per annum.

2012 – 13 DTL lHL pursuant to SCARA guide lines of Sebi got 25% float sold to public.

2013-14 Migration to BSE is contemplated. Further Technology and products /jointly with subsidiary Company DTLAL. Flexible Cold Roll Forming Technology was negotiated with Data M GMBH of Germany which would reduce material content using high strength material combining advantage of both press forming with Cold Roll Forming in deriving dissimilar section for the first time in India through subsidiary Company . Expansion Plans for Manufacturing: - Negotiating to put up FCRF machine manufacturing Factory in pune, deriving strength capability developed (during 2001 to 2010) in making Roll Forming machine for self use which have since been leased out to subsidiary.

Key Information:-

Products:- Cold Roll Formed products & including Tools & CRF Mills .
Existing Capacity:- CRF – 15000 Tons per annum for the machines owned by company.